Sunday, September 30, 2007

I know, I stink at updating this. I've been writing weekly "this is what I've been doing" updates, though. I should get some credit for that. (they're on

if you want some highlights, here they are:
-there is a castle in my town
-i drove here and didn't get anywhere near to crashing
-i have learned that i need to say "trousers" instead of "pants"
-signalling two with your hand is always palm out. the other way is just as bad as flicking someone off.
-i need to try to get a lot more sleep
-i still get to watch grey's... i bought the current season on itunes.

needless to say, it's pretty great here. i really like my host family and the people i work with at church and on my team.

but i'm struggling.
there's no one in my church that's my age. i need friends. i need to be able to call someone up and talk. i need to be able to have someone i can go out for coffee with. i need someone here that i can just be with.
i miss my friends.

not to say that the people here aren't supportive and that it's not a great experience, but there's such a different support that comes from a close friend.

but maybe i need to solely rely on the Lord. my relationship with him has been difficult lately. the move was a big change and the reality of not going to school this year and being so far from my family has been really setting in. it's all pulled my emotions into a huge knot that i'm working to untie. but while i work, there's been a wall between me and god that i'm trying to tear down brick by brick. but i can't get both done quick enough...

and so i'm here...
and i'm trying...
and it'll get better.
it will get better.